Edward Filene Credit Union Awards for Excellence - LEADERSHIP Entry Criteria

Credit union leaders are grown, learning their craft and growing through this process and stretching their abilities by actively serving others. They are not necessarily delivered by the democratic process or by being appointed to a paid position.  Previous winners of Leadership categories have demonstrated their dedication, drive, initiative and natural leadership qualities, performing well beyond their line of duty.    

Excellence shown in performance by a long term benefactor to a credit union - 

  • How has the benefactor served the credit union? 
  • ​What has the benefactor contributed to the credit union?
  • What lasting effect has the benefactor had on the credit union?
  • ​Is the benefactor still engaged with the credit union activity, and if so, in what way?

Excellence shown in performance by a Chief Executive Officer/General Manager (or equivalent, paid or unpaid) of a credit union

  • What has been achieved of an exemplary nature within the remit?
  • What tasks have been performed in addition to the basic role?
  • What evidence is there of the person creating a versatile workforce and succession planning?
  • How has the person enhanced the external reputation of the credit union?
  • How has the leadership of the person grown the business and reputation of the credit union

Excellence shown in performance by a Young Leader, in either a paid or unpaid position, aged 17 to 35 years as at 1/6/2018 

  • What skills have been mastered by the Young Leader?
  • How have these skills been applied in the credit union?
  • How have these skills been applied in the community served by the credit union?
  • Has the person inspired others to follow them into a career in credit unions?
  • What positions did/does the person hold in the credit union? – details of career progression

Excellence shown in performance by a Customer Service Officer/Teller of the year 

To the vast majority of credit union owner-members and potential ones, this person is the total presence of the credit union in their lives and so is the most crucial role in every credit union.  A key credit union difference is that of dealing with people directly, rather than processing them like peas - this is a major advantage over most other financial "firms" and should be exploited by us!  

  • Does the person speak clearly?
  • Does the person have a pleasant manner at all times?
  • Is the person knowledgeable about all the products and services provided by the credit union and can introduce them to owner-members?
  • Does the person log and process all incoming enquiries as potential selling opportunities, particularly from new potential owner-members?
  • How does the person respond to incoming enquiries from external bodies, e.g. the Regulators, the media?

​All credit unions will be “mystery shopped” by the Awards Office and, based upon the manner in which the call is serviced, a shortlist will be drawn up and invitations sent to credit unions whose Customer Service Officer/Teller passed muster!  However, any credit union who wishes to nominate a Customer Service Officer/Teller is welcome to do so


The following Award is open only to selected entrants, the winning of this does not count towards the Supreme Award

 “Edward Filene Credit Union Award for Performance Excellence by the winner of a category making a film about their entry and Credit Union”

This Award will be open to credit unions winning one or more categories, at which point (in utmost confidence) they will be requested to make this film which should cover specifically the activities described in their winning entries.

Only after the Judging Panel has made their decisions will the invitations go out to make this film.  The film editor, who compiles these films into an edited loop, acts as the Judge for this Award.   No prior notice will be given of success in this Award category. 

Good luck with your entries!   Any questions - don't hesitate to contact the Awards Office - see the "Helpline" also on the menu above